I’ve been so busy with a couple of projects at work and I barely have time to pick up a pencil and draw anything so I thought I’d just make a quick post about what I’ve been up to on the side. Kamao Komiks‘ “Echo Chamber Anthology” #4 will be at the Komikon Indieket this August and my entry, “The Adventures of Jonathan West: A Steampunk Saga”, is a bit behind schedule. Sometimes I wish I could just clone myself. (On second thought, scrap that. I don’t think the world can handle another me. Yasssss!)

Here are a few sample pages from the previous Jonathan West issues: (click to gigantify)


A Little Background on the Jonathan West Project

I came up with the story a couple of years ago and initially wanted to do it as a 3D animated short. What prevented me from going down that road was, of course, production costs. It was going to take a few months and some additional manpower to finish the project.

Then, last year, a couple of friends asked me if I wanted to join them in putting together a comic book anthology. At the very last minute, I decided to include “Jonathan West”. Everything was done in 3D, but rendered with toonshade to give it that comic book style illustration.

Funny how things work out sometimes. I still hope to eventually have it done as an animated short, but for now, I’m fine with it being in comic book form.

Maaan, I’m still 2 pages behind for the final issue, and I still have a ton of deadlines at work. I also haven’t drawn anything in a week (not even a doodle!) and my fingers are itchin’ for a sketchin’! Hopefully, things will have settled down by this weekend. If not, I’m gonna have to buy another straightjacket.

*Please excuse the fragmented writing. This post was done during lunch break and it’s hard shoveling food into my mouth while typing. Maybe I do need another me!

Random:  Here’s another shred…

Whoever made these things, I salute you. You have something I really wish I had plenty of—free time.


12 thoughts on “Shreds (Pt. 2)

  1. Holy hell, there’s surely a lot of work involved there. Nice one! The cloning might come in handy. Hope you do get to realise your dream of turning it into an animation, too.
    And more shreds. My god, WHERE was i when these came out? I don’t even remember them being a ‘thing’, but i notice most of them were uploaded a few years ago! Oh well, better late to the shred than never to the shred.

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    1. Yeah, plenty of work right now. What makes it harder is the 2-hour commute to work. By the time I get to the studio, I’m all tuckered out. I don’t bring the car anymore. At least, I can take naps on the bus/taxi.

      The universe has given us a great gift… and it is SHREDS!

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      1. Holy hell, that’s an intense commute. Yes, much better to relax ( or try to) on the bus than in the car while driving! (definitely need that clone ASAP O.o)
        Yes, ’tis a gift indeed! I’ve cried so many laughy tears this evening. Surely a healthy thing. Cheers for inadvertently introducing me to the shredniverse!

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  2. Jonathan West lookin’ cool…reminds me of the TV adverts. here, no longer seen as they’ve changed their tack — The fish that Jonathan West rejects: picture a hairy rough looking fishing guy holding a huge salmon that they’ve fished outta the wild Canadian rivers up north, maybe Alaska! hahaha. Of course, your ‘toon is not a fish…and, therefore, not rejectable!! 😉

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