Issue no.4 of the comic book anthology that I’m a part of, “Echo Chamber”, is dropping this weekend (Aug. 6) at the Komikon Indieket and at the GTMACCON! That’s two big events on the same day!

Here’s the promo video I put together at the last minute…


The past few weeks have been extremely hectic—keeping up with deadlines at work, last minute changes to the comic book and working on a couple of personal projects that will hopefully be online within the next couple of months.

I haven’t been sleeping properly, my back hurts, my fingers are numb and my brain is about to walk out on me. On the bright side, my two kids think my works are awesome and my wife loves it when I talk to myself. My three biggest fans. I don’t even care if they’re my  ONLY fans. I am totally fine with that.



I just love the smell of a freshly printed comic book. Actually, no. It smells like gasoline and it makes my head hurt.






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