Name: Chi Roldan

Place of Origin: Manila, Philippines

Age: Doesn’t matter. I have the mind of a 7-year-old.

Hair: Long, wavy black hair. Thanks, Pantene!

Eyes: 4

Facts (updated as needed):

– 3D character animator by default

– can do some cool computer generated sorcery like flames and stuff

– dad to two awesome kids (a boy and a girl), husband to a very loving wife who lets me do whatever it is I do with pencils and paintbrushes and computers.

– not much of a talker, boring at parties but get me drunk enough and I may spurt out a couple of words.

– can play the drums, bass, guitar and a bit of keyboard. I can also ‘ting-ting’ the hell out of a triangle.

– hold on. I’m thinking of more stuff to put here…