It’s one of those days.

You pick up your pencil and sketchpad and try to draw that idea that’s been running around in your head since the night before.

The pencil comes into contact with the paper… you sketch… and sketch… and erase… sketch again… erase again… sketch… sketch…

After half an hour of this, you stop. You stare at the drawing—it looks like an angry cat just scrawled a secret message on your sketchpad. You get frustrated. You try again.

Sketch. Erase. Sketch. Sketch. Erase.

This time, the drawing looks like it was done by the cat’s entire family… while drunk.

It’s one of those days. Sigh.

It’s a good thing I’ve learned how to cope with days like this. Sometimes I would just play a game on my computer and immerse myself in an entirely different world (right now, it’s still Fallout 4 for me).

Most of the time, I’ll just hang out with my kids. (I do my best to be a ‘cool’ dad. I’m updated with the latest memes and evantube posts on youtube LOL!).

But sometimes, all I have to do is watch this video…

… and everything is right again.

Time to do that drawing.



I decided to join Artistcoveries‘ “Inka-Dinka-Doo Day” and had a bit of fun with ink blots (or in my case, ink drips!). Inks are my second favorite weapons of choice next to pencils so I had a blast with these. Even though it was all hurried due to my work deadlines, I think they all went pretty well.

The challenge was to try and create something out of a randomly created ink wash. Because I am a rebel (uhmm… yay.), I took a different route with mine and decided to go with ink drips instead. These were all done in around 5 minutes on a single sheet of Canson watercolor paper using Valejo India ink while listening to  Sleeping At Last while having a Whopper and Diet Coke while my kids did their calligraphy practice. (That… was… a lot… of… words.) Anyway, here be the images… (click to enlargify!)


The drips turned into trees, the wash turned into skies and mountains and hills. I finished it off with branches and some grass using a speedball.

I haven’t done this in a long time and I’ve forgotten how fun of an exercise this is. Even the kids loved the messy, ink-decorated table afterward. My wife didn’t, though, so I am taking her out to dinner tonight to make up for that transgression. Then, I’m going to buy some more ink.