Lazy Freeloaders.


Sometimes you zone out listening to an audiobook and later remember your hands have minds of their own.

I’ve been very busy the last couple of days doing some design and 3D animation work but I still try to squeeze in a sketch or two in my spare time. My hands just want to do some random squiggles, though. Lazy freeloaders.



Such Colors! Much Wow!


I was looking for a 60-pc set of Polychromos but, man! They’re as rare as a rabbit-headed giraffe in these parts. So I had to settle for the 36-pc but I’m happy. I love the musky scent of a newly opened tin can of pencils! (They’d better smell good—these things cost me an arm and a leg!)

Sketchbook Action



Sketchbook Action 052716

from Tumblr


I just bought this nifty little sketchbook at my favorite bookstore and I’m quite surprised at the quality of the paper. I think the stock is around 120gsm and I love how smoothly my pencil slides across the surface. I haven’t tried putting watercolor or acrylic on it yet, but I’m sure it’ll hold up quite nicely. It’s also small enough to fit in my back pocket so I can take it anywhere.

In other news, it’s a Friday! Slow day at the office (as in, reaallly slow!) and I might even take off early. Maybe I’ll drop by at the bookstore again and get me more of this sketchbook! I’m gonna buy all of the remaining stocks and set camp outside the store and sell them for twice the price! Haha!