Angels and Dragons


December 31, 1999. The dream was so vivid I can still recall every detail as if I’ve just watched a sci-fi/horror/action movie in HD. Although I’ve had a few other nightmares that were as vivid and scary, this one probably takes the cake.

I won’t go into too many details here though since it will probably creep people enough to have me banned or something (or at least, unfollow me). The only details I can probably give out is that it involved names I have never ever heard of prior to this dream—Zadkiel and Ouroboros*.

It also involved some premonition stuff  which still creeps me out to this day because I couple of them HAVE come true. (I’m not into mystical stuff or things like that, but this dream makes me think about it sometimes.)

Anyway, the painting above is a ‘scene’ from that dream/nightmare where after Zadkiel said to me,”I will show you the future.”, I found myself in my room talking to my brother who told me to “… reach behind the moon. You’ll find Ouroborus there.”

So, there’s the moon and Ouroboros is in flames, coiled up behind it. The dream ends the moment I held Ouroboros in my hand and everything is engulfed in flames. It was like a scene from some weird post-apocalyptic Japanese anime movie.

*I only found out about Zadkiel and Ouroboros the following day when I told my brother about the dream. He then hooked me up with his friend who, weirdly enough, was doing research about angels for a class project. And I thought coincidences like this happen only in movies!

(painting: ink and colored pencil on canvas, with additional digital coloring)

P.S. Sorry for the fragmented (incoherent?) style of writing. I often post during lunch breaks and it’s hard to write while shoveling food into my mouth.

Anyway, here’s some classic Metallica (I’ve been listening to the whole Black album on loop for a couple of days now. OCD in full rev!)



I decided to join Artistcoveries‘ “Inka-Dinka-Doo Day” and had a bit of fun with ink blots (or in my case, ink drips!). Inks are my second favorite weapons of choice next to pencils so I had a blast with these. Even though it was all hurried due to my work deadlines, I think they all went pretty well.

The challenge was to try and create something out of a randomly created ink wash. Because I am a rebel (uhmm… yay.), I took a different route with mine and decided to go with ink drips instead. These were all done in around 5 minutes on a single sheet of Canson watercolor paper using Valejo India ink while listening to  Sleeping At Last while having a Whopper and Diet Coke while my kids did their calligraphy practice. (That… was… a lot… of… words.) Anyway, here be the images… (click to enlargify!)


The drips turned into trees, the wash turned into skies and mountains and hills. I finished it off with branches and some grass using a speedball.

I haven’t done this in a long time and I’ve forgotten how fun of an exercise this is. Even the kids loved the messy, ink-decorated table afterward. My wife didn’t, though, so I am taking her out to dinner tonight to make up for that transgression. Then, I’m going to buy some more ink.

Lazy Freeloaders.


Sometimes you zone out listening to an audiobook and later remember your hands have minds of their own.

I’ve been very busy the last couple of days doing some design and 3D animation work but I still try to squeeze in a sketch or two in my spare time. My hands just want to do some random squiggles, though. Lazy freeloaders.


How’s the coffee, Jack?


Mr. Jack Asparagus Puscorn stops by my room every Monday morning to talk about the latest goings on at the office. Sometimes he’d whine about his salary,  and sometimes it’s all about how he hates Lebron James but most of the time he’d just go on and on about how he’d like to clobber people with his keyboard.

Mr. Jack Asparagus Puscorn is so full of hate, and I don’t know why he tells me all his secrets.

*Mr. Jack Asparagus Puscorn is not a real person. He is a monster.

Sketchbook Action



Sketchbook Action 052716

from Tumblr


I just bought this nifty little sketchbook at my favorite bookstore and I’m quite surprised at the quality of the paper. I think the stock is around 120gsm and I love how smoothly my pencil slides across the surface. I haven’t tried putting watercolor or acrylic on it yet, but I’m sure it’ll hold up quite nicely. It’s also small enough to fit in my back pocket so I can take it anywhere.

In other news, it’s a Friday! Slow day at the office (as in, reaallly slow!) and I might even take off early. Maybe I’ll drop by at the bookstore again and get me more of this sketchbook! I’m gonna buy all of the remaining stocks and set camp outside the store and sell them for twice the price! Haha!